Kaz Da Gr8 1

This is the 14th Most Electrifying channel on Dailymotion! Check out loads of rare WWF/E clips from October 1999 - 2006. <br /><br />IF ANYBODY WANTS TO USE MY VIDS, FEEL FREE BUT PLEASE SAY ITS FROM KAZDAGR81 AT DAILYMOTION.COM <br /><br />Apart from 2 vids which are marked, every single WWE video on my channel is from my own personal VHS collection. NONE OF THE RAW/SMACKDOWNS ARE FROM THE INTERNET/BROUGHT ON DVD! HOW MANY UPLOADERS CAN SAY THAT? <br /><br />Picture/Audio Problems - In the past I transfered these vids and the picture/Audio did not track and therfore we have these problems. <br /><br />But if your still unhappy about the quality, you can request the vid on my Youtube Channel and I will upload in HQ. So now you can't complain!