Kate Bazilevsky

Dear ladies and gentlemen! <br /><br />I urge you to support the creation of the Catalog of Human Population! <br /><br />My name is Kate Bazilevsky. I am an American citizen in the process of opening a firm in the United States called CHP (The Catalog of Human Population www.catalogofhumanpopulation.org). Right now, CHP already has descriptions of more than 130 subtype structures (www.catalogofhuman population.org/forum/showthread.php?t=14769) . People all over the world have come to us and received answers to the most exciting questions. They have gained tools for solving the most complex and vital issues. Their lives have become happier, brighter, and more interesting. <br /><br />I would like for every United States citizen to have the opportunity to receive this information from the Catalog. For my dream to become a reality, your help is needed. With your participation, this project can happen. The value and scale of the Catalog of the Human Population is comparable to that of other breakthrough developments in humanity, such as letters, numbers, or the wheel. The information you can get from the CHP will allow you to achieve super-human qualities, which are actually the natural qualities of healthy humans. <br /><br />In the coming future, my partners and I plan to conduct research with scientists from various fields. I would like the information from the CHP and scientific research results, to enable each American the ability to become a person of Einsteins capability. In order to create and distribute the full version of the Catalog of Human Population, we must have financial assets. <br /><br />You may securely sponsor one of the following: <br />- CHP scientific research http://chp.chipin.com/chp <br />- CHP multimedia news release (MNR) http://www.fundable.com/groupactions/groupaction.2009-06-22.1787189500 <br />- translation & distribution of books in English http://www.crowdfunder.com/vanillas/28 <br /><br />Kate Bazilevsky <br />Special scientific information- analytical <br />Laboratory "The Catalog of Human Population"