kanmisa kan_382

Nice to meet you, I'm Betty, i Live in Italy but i'm Etiopian. I love very much Jmusic and Kdramas, i have watched a lot of anime and dramas, i read many mangas too. So most of the video that i link are abt jpn music or dramas. I'm a huge Co-Miyavi. I Love and Admire Miyavi, he improve and go forth always, i'm subbin most of him Pv's in Italian and in Romanji, You can watch them!! Other jband that i love are Asian kung fu Generation and The Gazette. <br />I Believe in God, i think it's usefull to have God in our Life. We need it to get power and go on. I've a lot of dreams that i want to make true, I wish i'll be able to make it. I wish this 4 your Dreams too. <br />Peace and Love yo! <br />PROUD CO MIYAVI - CWIF MEMBER