Syed Irfan

Syed Irfan Ahmed is the founder editor of Monthly Kamyaby Digest, which is the first and only self growth/success magazine in the history of Urdu since 2005. <br />He has been trained in Kosgama, Srilanka by S. N. Guenka. He is distinguished to his work on emotional intelligence (EQ), conducting various workshops in different cities, institutes and universities of Pakistan, and authoring practical books on EI/EQ. With the latest approach of EQ, people learn how to control their daily life unhappiness easily and effectively. Then, they have a happier and prosper life. <br />Syed Irfan is also a licensed NLPer, certified hypnotherapist and life coach. If you want any professional guidance for any emotional, psychological, educational or professional problem in your life, contact him freely on his phone number: +92-335-242-7766.