Phill Seymour

Independent film maker, Phill Seymour, currently teamed up with Sharpe Image Productions to create RESIDENT EVIL - The Chris Refdield Story.

Hometown: Kingston Upon Hull
Occupation: Primary School Teaching Assistant, Cricket Coach, Grocery Assisnt (Morrisons PLC)
Interests & Hobbies: Movie making, Horror films, Resident Evil(GAMES!), Writing, Playing Cricket, Playing Football, Singing
Movies & Shows: Silent Hill, Serenity, Smallville, Lost, Supernatural
Music: Beautiful South, Keane, Jack Johnson, Matt Costa
Books: S.D. Perry - Residnet Evil - Umbrella Conspiricy, City of the Dead, Nemesis, Zero Hour
let see I think I'll go through the useless infomation first
I'm 6'2"
I have brown hair and blue eyes and a nose and ears
I love long walks on the beach and starring at the moon... hehe kidding.

I have never done any movie making courses, but I have always had movie making and producing as a hobbie, I'm not much of a script writer but I try any way, even if every one thinks their crap.

The first ever movie I ever made was called Plotless. me and a few friends made this back in 2000, it was basically a 'Scary Movie' type of film, without any plot what so ever, I was goin to upload the trailer onto youtube but certain members of the original cast would not allow it due to embarrasment reasons, how ever I could just pixelate the faces.

My favourite movie genre is HORROR. I beleive horror has to be done right. other wise its just not effective. suspence horror and shock horror being the best types (not ROCK HORROR as Paul WS Anderson tried introducing in the movie version of the Brilliant game Resident Evil - man those movies suck)

I am currently working on a film with my friend Robert Sharpe of Share Image Productions, called Resident Evil - The Chris Redfield Story. in this film we are going to be telling the story of what happend to Chris during Jill's Scenario in the first game. I will be Co-Writing and Co-Producing the movie.
Release date TBA

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