Hi Im Ran! Pleased To Meet You ^^ Im a Big Fan In Voice Acting and I Love to Show My Talant To Others. <br /> <br />I'll Problebly Post Fandubs Here. Just To Show Of The Voice Acting Skills and Mixing Skills That We can Do ^^ I will NOT Post up Full Episodes of Fandubs but I will just Be Posting Clips. <br /> <br />In The Fandub clips I Put Up, All Copyrights Belong to There Original Owners These are Just Fandubs So If You want To See The Real Thing and The whole Episodes, Go and Buy It ^^ <br /> <br />If You Have any Problems with The Fandubs I Post Up, Tell Me Because I will Remove Them For You ^^ <br /> <br />~Ran <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />