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Hi everybody and welcome to the JJProds/Fanvids Channel on DailyMotion. I'm the same old JJ (JJProds) from Youtube. Since staying there was a pain in the arse, I decided to move most of my material here.

Enjoy and please, susbscribe and comment.

I would be updating regularly, so be patient and if you like the material you'd be rewarded.

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JJFANVIDS love your work. "your Beautiful".
El febrero por glaspies
Larry Jenkins
I've respected your work for such a long time. I first started to follow you on YouTube. I just wanted to THANK YOU for your magnificent art/craftsmanship and editing ability. I can't tell you how many evenings your work has made me feel less lonely. I've shed millions of tears remembering the first time I saw the films you feature. I do hope you are a professional in some creative sense. I doubt
El agosto por Larry Jenkins
Could you please do one of the Beastmaster (Dan Goddard)?
El agosto por iamdued
JJ Fanvids
No, this time its just one here on DM and the other on YT. Plus my FB page
El julio por JJ Fanvids

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