Welcome to Just Add Food's Daily Motion Channel! <br /><br />JustAddFood.com - the home of Alsace wines in the U.S. <br /><br />Alsace wines have taken the culinary world by storm in recent years. The white wines of Alsace have become the darlings of sommeliers and chefs across the country, not only as a refreshing aperitif, but as a serious alternative to heavily oaked, international-style whites. Known to insiders for their freshness and versatility, these aromatic and terroir-driven wines make ideal partners for a dizzying array of cuisines, from Thai to Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, French, Mexican, New American, and beyond. The range of Alsace wines, from everyday sippers to world-class cru wines, finds them equally well-suited to a takeout meal at home, as to a formal meal at one of the country's top tables.