Dagoury Florian

Hi ! How's going mates ? <br />My sweet Childhood. <br /><br />This is a Secret Old Account <br />Witch I don't wanna get rid of ... <br />My name is Florian Dagoury <br /><br />I was born in Paris in 1987 <br />I'm permanently living in Australia <br />You guys can also find out more about me on Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and Skyrock <br />under the name Florian Dagoury. <br /><br />The video '' We are Legends 2011'' <br />Is the first of a long series to come. We have tried to show what Parkour is, in the wonderful atmosphere of Melbourne in Victoria. It also represents the first serious Film I've Done so far with my best mate Christophe Picot. <br /><br />Wish you all to have some Fun one this Channel.