My name is Denise and I am 14. I love Japanese music and can't fo anything without it. Watching Jdramas and movies is what I live for. XD <br /><br />I'm currently getting into subbing some random stuff. Most of them are Arashi, so if you're an Arashi fan, you gotta love me. XD <br /><br />I also have an account on YouTube. All the videos I sub go to YouTube first. My username on YouTube is the same here: JpopLovers. <br /><br />Anyways, I sometimes don't know what to sub. So I take requests. The thing is that I need the URL from YouTube. <br /><br />I'm 200% sure my translations aren't 100% accurate, but I try. <br /><br />Disclaimer: I own NONE of the videos I upload. All rights go to the respectful owner of J Storm or what not. I own only the subs and translations. Unless it's a song. All song translations come from either JPA or LJ.