Joel Griot

Dear sir, <br /><br />I'am just big fun of France an Musician story teller living in Switzerland with my wife Swiss and 2 kids. I love to support you abit in my way of doing Music (Griot style since i was born. so if you will like my attached video,(general support for France voting" please let me know. i will be happy to support you personaly with a litle song only for Mme Royal or Mr Sarkozy with all my heart. <br />Best-regards <br />Vive La France <br /><br />*Joe griot Switzerland. <br /><br />Joel E. <br />(joeGriot) <br /><br />Contact: + 41 32 622 49 36 <br />Mobile + 41 (0) 076 495 31 41 <br /><br />