The new home of "Joe Brickmond".<br /><br />"Joe Brickmond" is a Brickfilm sitcom about a toilet-loving man and his friends. There have been 15 episodes, 1 movie and 1 special to date.<br /><br />The show was created by Christian and Amanda Allbee and is currently managed primarily by Christian Allbee.<br /><br />The show originally premiered on March 31, 2007 on YouTube, but the channel representing the show was shut down on February 29, 2012. The old episodes will be reuploaded here as well as future episodes.<br /><br />PRIMARY CAST:<br />(Christian Allbee - Joe Brickmond, Bruce McBrick, John Brickmond, Talking Toilet, Citizen #1, Citizen #2, Yeti, Baby Ostrich<br />(Forest Allbee - Melvin McGruff, Joe Brickmond Sr., Flush Rimbowl, Caller #1, Brick Hume, Airline Announcer<br />(Amanda Allbee - Shaniekqua Stackhouse, Mindy, Post Office Manager<br /><br />RECURRING CAST:<br />(Lisa Allbee - Josephine Brickmond<br />(Bill D'Avanzo - Mr. Nerdly<br />(Matthew D'Avanzo - Caller #2<br /><br />GUEST CAST:<br />(Peter Cook - The Impressive Clergyman (archive sound)<br />(Christopher Walken - Bruce Dickinson (archive sound)<br /><br />"JOE BRICKMOND 64" MOVIE CAST:<br />(Christian Chiarani - Male Ostrich<br />(JTProductionFilms121 - Mother Ostrich<br />(Johnathon Mizner - Racing Crocodile<br /><br />OPENING/CLOSING THEMES:<br />"Our House" by Madness (Episodes 1-8)<br />"Brickhouse" by The Commodores (Episodes 9-15)<br /><br />For more videos by Christian and Amanda Allbee, visit these Dailymotion channels:<br />"allbeehive"<br /><br />"CJAproductionsINC"<br /><br />"CJArecordsINC"<br />