Cad Jobseekers

EDP excels at recruiting, interviewing, screening and placing talented professionals throughout the United States. We work with large, medium and small companies and are constantly looking for open positions that we can fill. We do appreciate this opportunity to work with you, but we also need you to understand that the opportunities offered are only given based on your cooperation. This is an interview process and does take some time and patience. If we find it difficult to complete our process, we will discontinue working with you and withdraw our recommendations from our client. <br /><br />The required information will be needed from you: 1. Updated resume (Word .doc) 2. Complete our application for direct hire candidates 3. Working references/supervisors from last two employers 4. Cooperate, be honest, be accessible 5. Optional testing and/or project list/samples (design professionals) 6. Specifics will be requested depending on position. <br /><br />We will communicate with you and coordinate your interviews with our client. If we are able to succeed getting you into an interview, and you receive an offer, the process is completed after an offer letter from our client has been sent to us and you. We cannot make our client hire you nor can we make you take the position, but we can assist in negotiating salary, relocation costs, and benefits