Hi there, i'm JoPo93 or Jean Pierre B. I live in Mississauga, Ontario and attend St.Francis Xavier Secondary School, currently in Grade 11. My physics teacher informed a group of my friends I about this contest and we didn't was a single second because we didn't have much time left in the entry period. unfortunately our group video could be uploaded off the cam corder due to technical difficulties so I entered a video as a single participant the Monday morning, like early, like "12:07ish"? am. And thats how that came to be. <br /><br />As to why I love science on the other hand, I can really explain as simply. if I had to say when I started loving science, it would be somewhere at the age of 4? About the time you can actually start understanding that the longer, higher and steeper you make your hotwheels track, the further your favourite car will fly off the ramp you made at the end of it :) Mine was a red Dodge Viper my dad got my for Christmas or my birthday that year. However I would have to say it really picked up the pace once I realized most things are only held together by a few screws that can be simply removed with this magical thing called a screw driver. As of that time, about 8 years of age, nothing was safe. I took apart my RC Cars, my alarm clock, I tinkered with my bike, etc. and eventually I learned to put all said things back together too. <br /><br />But now science for me is so much more than what it used to be, its become I tool I use almost everyday, or everyday if you count school work. I find that great pleasure in figuring out how things work but even more when I apply them to my life. That boomerang I had in the video was made by me about a year ago because I spent lots of time at track meats with my schools track and field team. I throw javelin for my school and I use physics to help me plan my throws. And my most recent project, that purple electric guitar in the video was all hand crafted over 6 day by me and I loved it. And THATS why I LOVE SCIENCE!!!