hayllo! okay, well i just made an account here, <br />because i wanted this name on youtube [which happenes to be randomlypinoy or sammyboser] and i looked up sites like youtube, and this is pretty similar. so i just made one. <br />~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I'm 5ft 3in YEA! And sure, i'm DORK. i am a HUGE cosplayer. Seriously. My friends make fun of me, but i don't really care. it's <br />okay. i wanna go to a cosplay con thingy, but i don't know where to find one! if you know, PLEASE contact me!!!!i really wanna go to one!! call me a dork, i don't care! much... <br /><br />~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <br /><br />Yea, well, hmmmm....well, a goal would be to...GO TO JAPAN AND MEET MIYAVI! actually that's a dream that i know will never come true....meh, i'll believe it. i know, i'm a japanese fanatic, i listen to some...okay alot of japanese music. don't get me wrong though, i listen to Chris brown, All American rejects, you know, American music. but, you know, im asian....SUE ME. <br /><br />~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <br /><br />lastly, i like saying boser...A LOT. so, if i go to your acc, calling you a boser, it's nothing bad, it kinda means loser. so....yeah!!! <br />Country: Japan <br />Interests and Hobbies: BMX, Music, writing, reading, kicking the soccer ball, video games, TV, movies, whatever <br />Movies and Shows: Death note, Family guy, South park, America's best dance crew, whose line is it anyway, Bleach, GTO, naruto [kinda], Gravitation <br />Music: rock/alternative <br />