Jeff Wardrop

Entertainment and Internet entrepreneur focused on alternative marketing/distribution models and finance. My company specializes in helping companies carry out alternative strategies for web development, marketing, and distribution ideas. Mass Media’s distribution model must be re-invented! Our consulting arm helps people start with the basics of web development and shopping cart set up but goes much further than that in making sure that their brands are being promoted in a consistent and profitable manner. <br /><br />Our production company assists emerging artists with music and film development to help bring their projects to fruition. From financing to production and distribution, content creators must be focused on smart alternatives to the traditional models and that is where we can help. Our strategic alliances with some the best new technology companies affords us an opportunity offer companies new revenue streams by monetizing content. <br /><br />Our first video is the first single release from DARUNAM and directed by Nusrat Durrani of MTV World. The two artists that make up this band have already sold over 8 million records so this should be great! Manu Narayan and Radovan Jovicevic, formerly of the band Zana, star along with Janina Gavankar of Showtime's The L Word and Marta Reiman.