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Jäx is a French Director & Motion Graphics Designer based in Paris.

I studied Art Direction for 3 years at the ISART Digital, a competitive school of Animation in Paris and turned myself into Direction, Motion graphics &Visual Effects .

I worked in several companies such as BUF company, made famous for their visual effects in Avatar, Matrix, Batman The Dark Knight and worked on many freelance missions.

Thanks to my experience, I am able to lead your video from your brief untill the final export by my own.

If you are looking for an original videomaker, you can contact me there:

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Mathieu Foucher
Huhu un BUFien de plus, bravo.

Non pour ma part je suis pas a bd NEY, j'ai eu pas mal de contacts suite a mon clip pour Wax Tailor, alors je fais du clip et du VJing en freelance pour le moment.

Mais je ne tire pas un trait sur BUF, j'espère y retourner quand mon emploi du temps se calmera.

bonne continuation en tout cas.

Il y a 6 ans par Mathieu Foucher

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