Pine Ridge Goldens Jason D Munn

Pine Ridge Goldens Jason Munn breeds top quality English Cream Golden Retrievers and Goldendoodles. Pine Ridge Goldens Jason Munn has 100% European Champion Line English Cream AKC Golden Retrievers and 1/2 English, 1/2 AKC American Golden Retrievers. Pine Ridge Goldens selectively breed Golden Retrievers with Imported British-Type Lines to improve the temperament and health found in those bloodlines. <br /><br />Pine Ridge Goldens<br />Jason Munn<br />Brooksville FL 34601<br />727-485-5562<br /><br /><br />tags: Pine Ridge Goldens, Jason Munn, Brooksville, Florida, Imorted Champion line, British-sytle, 100% Imported, Goldendoodles, Golden, Retrievers, European Champion line, Home raised, Family raised, Show Quality, White, English Creme, Multichampion line, Jason Munn, Jason Dion Munn, JD Munn, J. Munn, Jason M, Email, Address, Phone, Reviews, Complaints, Tampa, FL