Jason Croxford

Hello my friends- <br /><br />I have made a choice to take my life in an entrepreneur style. <br />I spent years wandering the corporate world trying to make ends meat - I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with my life. <br />It seemed everyday things got more and more bleak until I couldn't see the light. <br /><br />I moved to FL in Nov of 08 - Thing's began to look up when I realized that I had control over my reactions to life - Nobody has control over life but you can control how you react to situations. Once I learned this I realized I was the only one holding me back, I am the only one manifesting everything around me. <br />Once this simple idea became realized I started to turn things around. I began working out regularly with P90X through BeachBody. Some mistake the title of the program as PX90 but it's really all the same. <br />As I started shaping my physical life I realized that there was a rising business opportunity that anyone could get involved in with beachbody. I became a coach instantly and began to grow myself professional/ spiritually at the same time I worked on my fitness. <br />All areas of my life have come together and all it took was the right mindset - Hard work - and all the right tools. <br />I continue to pursue coaching and enjoy helping others realize the same things as me. This life only happens once - Share what you can - Enjoy every moment regardless - Life comes at you, all you can do is react, choice wisely and all your dreams can come true! <br />I invite you to my personal Beachbody Blog for more information <br /><br />Speak Soon. <br /><br />-Jason Croxford <br />aka BetterBody90 <br />http://www.betterbody90.com