Jaron and The Long Road to Love

Jaron, of Jaron and The Long Road to Love, is a fresh face on the new-Country music scene. His sound is that of a crisp blend of powerfully smooth vocals meshed with a musical skill-set whose charming looks and polished talents has drawn him comparisons to Keith Urban, Jace Everett and Tim McGraw. <br /><br />Lyrically Jaron and The Long Road to Love deals with real life issues such as loss, love, redemption and humility in an authentically honest, non-ironical fashion, that is reminiscent of country great singer-songwriters such as Townes van Zandt and Kris Kristofferson. His first single “Pray for You” debuted at #53 on Billboard’s country charts due to a strong push from fans. <br /><br />With Jaron you hear a simple, sincere message unclouded by false irony or artificial goods. The band is the refreshing voice that new-country musicians are claiming to own and that old country musicians genuinely stand for from the Appalachian Mountains to the rhythmic edge found with Hank Williams and Johnny Cash.