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This is the chanel for my guitar lessons.

I'm a Mover!

Guys, please go to my Youtube account (JPKblueser) if you want to send me a message :)
I will get completely lost if I have 2 sites to answer :)

For tabs, visit:



Brent Early
Hey, thanks for the lessons. :-)
2 weeks ago by Brent Early
Ondřej Mach
Hi, glad I found you again. Your lessons are absolutely fantastic, your effort saved me loads of frustration. Just a question, what happened to your webpage? I used to download the tabs, but its gone...
Thank you very much again!
Last year by Ondřej Mach
Yun Hyeok Choi
It's a little bit strange that there's no such comment on these great lessons. Keep on rocking! (If you're planning to post lessons here again, why don't you do other awesome AC/DC songs, such as 'Night Prowler'?; I saw ur collaboration vid of 'Night Prowler' on Youtube)
2 years ago by Yun Hyeok Choi
4 years ago by JaiminhoPaginaLessons

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