Jad Diab

Hello ! My name's Jad. I'm a self-taught guitar player and teacher from Paris, France. My passion for music is endless. As soon as I got my first guitar I felt all this energy comin' out of it ! <br /><br />My channel is currently broadcasting HD videos related to guitar and loaded with special FX :). <br />I hope these video clips can help inspire you, as well as entertaine you and sharing my music. <br /><br />If you like my videos, and you can afford it... feel free to donate ! All contributions will go towards upgrading my recording equipement, as well as my gear and softwares, delivering you the best HD videos possible. <br /><br />Donations : <br />https://www.paypal.com/cgi-... <br /><br />If you would like to support me, subscribe to my channel, it's free and you'll be the first to recieve all new videos =) <br /><br />Musically yours, <br />Jad