Wade Little

Fort Collins Flooring - Sales & Installation <br />Carpet, Tile, Hardwood, Laminate, & Vinyl Floors <br /><br />Since 1988 (22 years) we have sold and installed floors in Fort Collins and surrounding areas. If you want quality floors at a price you can afford, then contact Jade Floors today. <br /><br />Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, Jade Floors has the experience you need to guarantee your next flooring project is handled perfectly. We are committed to excellence in flooring. <br /><br />How are we different than all the rest? <br /><br />Low cost floors - Jade Floors in Fort Collins can save you anywhere from 30-60% because we do not have showrooms, employees, inventory or other traditional expenses, we are 100% mobile. With such low overhead we are able to provide discount carpet, tile, vinyl, laminate and hardwood. It is as close to wholesale carpet prices as you can get. <br /><br />Jade Floors is installer owned and insured, which means all the installers are individual contractors who take great pride in their work. This brings our Fort Collins clients unparalleled service at the lowest cost. <br /><br />Jade Floors also maintains an accountability list, which allows customers to rate how our installers handle every project. This list covers every customer, not just those we have randomly selected. <br /><br />Serving Fort Collins, Jade Floors is 100% mobile which will save you lots of time and money. We bring carpet, laminate, hardwood and vinyl samples to your home, investment property or office and provide you with a same day estimate. No running from store to store wasting your time and energy. From start to finish it usually only takes an hour instead of weeks with traditional carpet store shopping. <br />Residential & Commercial Flooring Contractor <br /><br />Save money on carpet, vinyl, tile, <br />hardwood, & laminate! <br />Installer owned and operated