Jacques Thelemaque

In 1993, Jacques co-founded Filmmakers Alliance, and <br />last year, FA Productions, of which he is co-president. He <br />was also recently named Chief Community Officer at <br />Withoutabox.com <br /><br />His previous films include: “Infidelity In Equal Parts” (Sundance Film Festival), “The Dogwalker” (Los Angeles Film Festival, Best First Feature - Cinequest Film Festival), “Egg” (Best Comedy Short - Cinequest Film Festival) and “Love Without Socks” (AFI International Film Festival), as well as several other films which he wrote, directed and/or produced. He just completed writing his new feature film, “Rust”, and recently finished the script for Red White And Blue as one of ten filmmakers involved in the feature-length omnibus project. <br />