Jacqueline Ditt

Jacqueline Ditt - painter, graphical artist and gallerist.<br /> <br />Born 2. 4. 1960 in Munich<br />1980-1983 eight terms graphics, design and reprography at the Blocherer school Munich<br />1984 - 1989 various work in advertising graphics / parallel painting and art print<br />1989 withdrawal from advertising graphics - expressive painting becomes main part of her work <br />2000 expanding to computergraphics with digital pen / tablet and digital printing systems<br />Since 1991 married to Mario Strack - composer<br />1993 together with husband opening of the Galerie and company foundation universal arts Galerie Studio GmbH, with own label and considerable edition<br />1993-1997 curating and exhibition organizing for various national and international artists besides her own creative work<br />1996 opening of the universal arts online dependance (www.universal-arts.de) with open access to her complete catalogue raisonné<br />since 1998 increasing of her exhibition activities and expansion of business on diverse internetportals.<br />Today she lives and works as a free artist in Munich (Germany)