My conversion from a practising Catholic to a Bible Believing Christian is primarily down to the change that I witnessed in my father's life. One day I heard him listening to an old time American preacher. I remember saying to him: "Why are you listening to this? You're a Catholic and we're good people." He responded by saying to me: "It isn't enough for me now. I need something else. And I am not a good person." Now, I must say that for a person who went to church every day, was on most church committees and had even penned a book about our church (which sold very well), this amazed me. This was to be a major turning point for my father and little did I know, for me too. <br /><br />During this period, I was a singer with my own big band orchestra. We were at the level of semi-professional (I even worked with a trombonist who played with Frank Sinatra) and I absolutely worshipped this musical world that I was a part of. <br /><br />All my energy and spare time after work went into making music my future. I would record 3 CDs and spend a small fortune producing these to float around to prospective agents. However, with the drastic change in my father's life, I couldn't ignore it and we would spend hours talking about the Bible, morals and the Catholic church. It took me 3 years to fully realise that I too needed to be Born Again.