James With is an accomplished actor, producer & social humanitarian who is keenly interested in theology.<br /><br />Presently residing in Asia, he has worked his way with noted stars in films such as “The Phantom” with Billy Zane and Catherine Zeta Jones, “The Quest” with Jean Claude Van Damme, & “Independence Day” with Will Smith. Sylvester Stallone blew his preacher character to bits in “Rambo IV”; Nicholas Cage scoped him out in “Bangkok Dangerous”. James has worked with talents including Roland Emmerich, Jackie Chan & Roger Moore and many more.<br /><br />Completing studies at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) and the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), James now applies his diverse wealth of life’s experiences into his work as a producer and entertainment specialist, producing & co-producing through his flagship company TRI-US ENTERTAINMENT.<br /><br />James has worked in the fields of investment banking and finance for international banks and investment firms, and has also worked as a licensed securities dealer and financial investment advisor. James has cultivated a strong interest in structuring financial products for entertainment and the arts, focusing on stories with significant humanitarian, geographical and environmental themes.<br /><br />James loves acting and working actively in front of the camera and also relishes the challenges of production and working behind the camera.<br /><br />Sharing life and business with others continually inspires him to work at high professional standards and through the medium of entertainment he is intent on promoting Asia’s vast range of locations, cultures and peoples in the global entertainment industry.<br /><br />James holds Advisory Board positions for Lifeis Global and SISHA being committed to "Partnering With the World to Create a Positive Difference" and is firmly against injustice & exploitation.<br /><br />Specialties: Acting, Editing, Directing, Film, Financial management, Producing, Public speaking, to name a few!