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Holy Quran Translation In English - Daftar Isi<br />- « The Family of ‘Imran » AL–‘IMRAN « Madinite » <br />Verse 185 ##<br />185- Every soul is destined to the encounter with death and in Day of Judgement shall you be requited only with what is due to you. He who is diverted from the path leading to Hell to the path bounding for Paradise will have triumphed. Life here below is but an animate existence affording pleasure, deceiving those with foolishly credulous ambition and vain employment of time.<br /><br />********************<br />this is my youtube channel, it Contains full videos Islamic languages ​​displaying the image of true Islam as it was practiced by the Prophet that salvation be upon him and those brave comrades who have given us this heavy inheritance and fabulous guide to the rest house and the joy of life and eternal happiness.