Matthew jones

I work as a radio host, which essentially means I get to goof off, interview celebs, and travel all over the place. -I'm very diverse: I'm a DJ, host, music producer, computer hacker, make films and take photographs. -If you're rolling your eyes at that last sentence, don't worry, I also drive fast, don't take any sh### from anyone and am overall an a##hole, but the fun kind that you can't hate. If life was a movie, I'd be the villain, but the one you cheer for. -I'm the guy who is totally comfortable with making the first move. Anything from a romantic kiss goodnight on your doorstep to throwing you against a wall and making out with you HARD in the rain. -I work a lot of high-profile concerts, events and clubs, but I also sometimes take my friends along to keep me company. -Music is MY LIFE and MY LIVING, so having an interest in music is pretty important. -I can do things on your computer that you never thought possible. -I've always been mature for my age and am always told that I'm wise beyond my years.