I'm an American, English, German, Czechoslovakian, and Polish. In essence, I'm a Brit and an England-Boy. My mom was born in Ipswich, England and my English side of the family lives there, too. As a baby, I said "Ipsich". <br /><br />GAMING NEWS <br />===What I've been playing: <br />Rainbow Six Vegas [MP] BladeNKrumpets <br />Halo 3 [MP] BladeNKrumpets <br />N3 (Ninety-Nine Nights) <br />Hexid <br />DEMOS: <br />Wheelman <br />Armored Core 4 <br />Resident Evil 4 <br />Universe at War <br />Wanted: WOF <br />Red Faction: Guerilla <br />Bionic Commando [MP] BladeNKrumpets <br />UFC 2009 Undisputed <br />===What I might buy: <br />UFC 2009 Undisputed <br />Red Faction: Guerilla <br />Bionic Commando <br />Left 4 Dead Game of the Year Edition <br />Call of Duty 4 <br />Wheelman <br />Peggle <br />XBox360 <br />===Games I've recently beaten: <br />===Games I'm anticipating: <br />Bionic Commando [5/19] <br />Red Faction Guerilla [6/2] <br />Ghostbusters the Game [6/16] <br />Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince [6/30] <br />G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra [8] <br />Wolfenstein [8/28] <br />===Games I recommend: <br />Bionic Commando <br />Red Faction Guerilla <br />Wheelman <br />Rainbow Six Vegas