Yo, i'm Ali. If anyone remembers me from Youtube, I'm the girl who uploaded every episode of Invader Zim. I got kicked off due to so called "copyright infringement" accourding to Youtube (who are total assmonkeys >.&lt;) so I decided to move to dailymotion and upload the episodes here ^^ <br /><br />Okay well, I guess I should tell you about myself. I'm a music lover and a Tool & Opeth FREAK! these two bands own my soul. I love progressive and atmospheric music like post rock/metal and prog rock/metal. <br /><br />I also love: <br />*Cult of Luna <br />*Isis <br />*Porcupine Tree <br />*Sigur Ros <br />*Neurosis <br />*Pelican <br />*Deftones <br />*A Perfect Circle <br />*NIN <br />*Rosetta <br />*The Ocean <br />*Mouth of the Architect <br />*Godspeed You! Black Emperor <br />*Mogwai <br />*Explosions in the Sky <br />*Gorillaz <br />*Battle of Mice <br />*Red Sparowes <br />*Russian Circles <br /><br />and more :) <br /><br />And as you can tell, I love Jhonen Vasquez (oh god how I love this man) and I'm more of a JTHM freak than a Zim freak. JTHM owns all ;] I also love Squee, Fillerbunny, and I Feel Sick. <br /><br />And I also love anything that involves vampires (except for Twilight....sorry, I'm not into poorly written mary sue fanfiction) I am obsessed with Hellsing (The manga and the OVA series....Alucard &lt;3) . <br /><br />