Liam Shortell

It started with a dream; the shared dream of Liam Shortell and Callum Costello to one day create their film "NUGGETS: A Love That Could Not Last". They soon joined forces with Jared Frank and Mike Ferrara, creators of such films as "The Highly Unlikely, Highly Unsightly Disease" and "A Horrendous Adventure" to one day make Nuggets. The group has joined forces with others who would soon comprise IBS#5: Erik DeMizio (co-creator of the "Paco/Dan" series with Shortell), Mike Willsen (director of an untitled future film), and Evan DeMizio. IBS is in association with Frank DeMizio's Deep Productions, wherein he's brought to life some of the most imaginitive pieces of work ever to be put to tape such as "The Box" series and "The Sesame Street Murders". Together, they are IBS#5 and will bring to you some of the most awe inspiring pieces of shit ever... EVER!!