Barak Wouk

Infallibull Productions is a group of creative high school and college teens. We formed in the summer of 2005 and filmed "Death is Funny." a 25 minute sketch comedy show that was later accepted into the New York International Film and Video Festival. Most of the group has been in an improv troupe "Three Days Later" for over 3 years. <br /><br />Although comedic skits is our passion, we have sold several documentary shorts to Current TV. We have also sold advertisements to Sony and Mountain Dew via Current TV. We are currently developing an online (or on tv..) skit show . <br /><br />The Core Group <br />Barak Wouk <br />Conner Quinto <br />Marshall Brekka <br />Ian Arthur <br />Sam Shemitz <br /><br />Other Actors <br />Zoe Novic <br />Ian Magruder <br />Nathan Kennedy <br /><br />