Independent Exposure

Independent Exposure 2010: 14th Season <br /><br />A WORLDWIDE SHOWCASE OF INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILMS, <br />VIDEOS, AND DIGITAL WORKS <br /><br />Curated by Microcinema International and Bill Plympton <br />Presented by Panasonic Broadcast <br /><br />Independent Exposure invites you to your submit short video, film, and digital-media submissions of 15 minutes or less. <br /><br />Independent Exposure is seeking narrative, artistic, humorous, dramatic, animation, documentary, experimental, alternative, avant-garde, ambient, music videos, and underground works of all genres, formats, and styles. <br /><br />Participants of all nationalities are welcome to submit their works by April 30, 2010 <br /><br />Entrance Fee: $US 5 <br /><br />Screenings: San Francisco, Houston, Other Events Worldwide <br /><br />PRIZES <br />Grand Prize: Panasonic AG-HSC1U 1/4" 3-CCD High Definition Video Camera <br />Second Prize: Selected Catalog ($500 worth) <br />Third Prize: Selected Catalog ($250 worth) <br /><br />Please read our Submission Guidelines & FAQ and Terms <br /><br />TO SUBMIT <br />To submit, go through the Checklist, then submit your information online via our online submission form and you can also pay your fee online. <br /><br />Mail all films to: <br />Independent Exposure <br />Microcinema International <br />1528 Sul Ross <br />Houston, TX 77006 <br />713-527-8412 <br /><br />For extra information, e-mail: <br /><br />ABOUT INDEPENDENT EXPOSURE <br />Since its inception in 1996, Independent Exposure has been a curatorial effort designed to bring the newest and most innovative short films to an untapped, broader audience by using non-traditional venues. These showcases are exhibited in non-traditional venues or "microcinemas" such as galleries, microcinemas, museums, outdoors, and other alternative spaces that support the independent visual arts. To date, Independent Exposure has been presented hundreds of times in 44 countries plus Palestine and Antarctica and at base camp on Mt. Everest.