Illumination Music

Illumination is the name of the new project that has been brought to life by 3 young, talented, aspiring artists who just happen to be brothers. They define themselves as musicians with no bounderies that try to give as much enphasis to their craftmanship as musicians, as well as their comerciality as Singers/Entertainers. From songs like "We Can't Have Enough" and "Pretty Baby" to "Miles Away (Contribution)" and "Mr. Mr." they have the ability and good taste to blend genres and mix generations of music that have contributed to their evolution and growth as people and musicians. Straight out of the studio check out the Debut of Illumination's brand new singles: "Pretty Baby"; "Right Time"; "We Can't Have Enough"; "So Long". Plus, don't miss the "Illumination Cast Part 1 2 & 3" to know a bit more about them and their music.