Nelson Masanti is trying to make a change in the city of INVERNESS - SCOTLAND. Inverness is a really conservative city here in the Highlands and it needs a change for the best of the gay community, a lot of people is scare to get out suffering all the consecuenses, the church stop the licence to open our place, Inverness does not have a gay place that identificate the INVERNESS GAY COMMUNITY as that. Hide people all over and scare of many years of to much thinking in that INVERNES IS A conservative city. We need our space and we neer to be reconice buy the other citizens of the city that we are a community with the same exactly rights that they have.
As a Director of Inverness Gay TV in youtube, I ask for all the help all over the world to make things happends here.
I believe that the power of LOVE is going to make the change and make understand those that they do not acept us to change their mentality and enjoy all together here the power of LOVE.
And we will work for all the communnities arround the world that need us, we are in Inverness but the world is our house
I love you all of you
Nelson Masanti

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