Contrasting images and a unified sound: Indivo is a Northern California-based songwriting and recording duo. Melinda Moore, with the clarity of her voice and the subtle simplicity of her songs, while Nick Olivo, a multi-instrumentalist and accomplished record producer, colors in the sound with complexity, authority and edge. <br /><br />Visualization comes naturally to Nick. The multi-disciplinary artist also draws on a theatrical background to create characters, casting himself as an actor and envisioning each of his songs as a movie. <br /><br />Melinda notes that the nuances in her voice seem to shift of their own accord when she adapts to the scenarios in her lyrics. She writes from inspiration; “Hero” from Sea of Dreams is one example. The storyline was inspired by a magazine article about a Native American attorney trying to convince the government to return lost lands to her people. Nick’s forte is in envisioning and capturing the full emotional dimensions of an artist and rendering a sonic panorama. <br /><br />Since their career ascension parallels the rise of new, online and broadcast media, Indivo concentrates on exploring film and television outlets for their music while creating a series of videos for their songs. With a solid sense of professionalism, an ardent work ethic and a distinctive musical identity, Indivo intends to make an impact on multiple levels. <br /><br />Says Nick, “We’re all given gifts and talents for that time that we’re here. I just want to use them to bring a little joy to people, to make people remember or feel something. That’s what gets me off.” Melinda adds, “It’s all about communicating with people, touching on things that affect their lives in a positive way, making them think or making them feel. For me, music is a portal into another world. I hope we can open that up for other people as well.”