A.M.P - A Media Productions

IMP & AMP is a production & editing house , that <br />have all the Facilities to give you what you need for your little thought or an a idea to <br />a big film, movie or tv commercials . <br />Who are We? <br />And what is our passion. <br />AMP is an international production house located in Israel , Netherland & Morocco. offering a full range of production services for feature films, Television, documentaries, advertising and corporate videos. <br /><br /> reasons why you should work with A.M.P. <br />Project Management <br />AMP can guide you through <br />all steps of production, from <br />decision-making, scheduling, <br />pre- and post-production, <br />all the way to a broadcast-ready <br />master. <br />We have multiple ENG field production units for every conceivable use that are readily available at AMP <br />Equipment & Accessories <br />Video Library Old or new, historical or contemporary, you'll find any stock shots you need, or we will shoot material to your specific requests. <br />With our Israeli and Arab contacts and multiple language proficiency, we can provide hassle-free arrangements for the location of your choice, whether local or international. <br /><br />Location Management <br />Professional Personnel Our experienced, professional, and talented staff work together to meet any and all production challenges, in North America, Europe and the Middle East.