I Am Bleona

International recording super star Bleona,is an award winning, multilingual artist,who has already taken her native Albania & Europe by storm.Fast forward, the strikingly beautiful,Bravo TV “Euros Of Hollywood” star and multi-hyphenate, renaissance woman has amassed more than 1.5 million in worldwide record sales.On her own terms.The massiveness of her sold-out tours at 50,000 – 80,000+,has earned the respect of the A-list industry heavyweights, proving once again that she is a major, global contender. She embodies female empowerment, clarity of vision and a strong DIY spirit. As her GRAMMY-Award winning collaborator Timbaland says, “she is a force of nature.” To date, Bleona has recorded 8 albums, graced over 35 covers of fashion magazines, earned a BA in Acting studying the Stanislavski System, and toured extensively in Europe. Bleona is set to release her U.S./English language debut EP in 2015, a unique sonic blend of American Pop music that has become her undeniable fingerprint.