Eon tha bitty

Hi im Eon. Things that I like to do: <br /><br />Copy people <br /><br />Harass them for no reason <br /><br />date girls <br /><br />And a whole lot of other dumb and leasbian things!^^ <br /><br />I have no life beacuse I have never seen the sun. I am just and old lady who lives in my grandpas basment. People who have lifes: <br /><br />Pilka <br /><br />Silver <br /><br />Xai <br /><br />Alex <br /><br />Feathers <br /><br />Pyramid Head <br /><br />Raven <br /><br />Meta <br /><br />Glacy <br /><br />Zero <br /><br />CC <br /><br />skye <br /><br />Mystery <br /><br />And a whole lot of other people^^