All Humans are born equal and free and deserve the basic human rights they are born with.<br /><br />These are not government granted privileges they are your human rights. And it is time government is reminded of this fact as to often you need a government permit to exercise your rights.<br /><br />NYC is a good example in order to hold a rally you have to go get a government permit just to exercise this basic human right of protest, but now it is time that governments are reminded that human rights are not something they can grant or deprive people of. If you wish to exercise your human right that is YOUR RIGHT not their privilege to regulate!!!<br /><br />It is important that we start to exercise these and when needed demand that these are upheld!!!<br /><br />It is also important next step that the UN expand on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to create a way for there to be enforcement of these rights so that they are not just mere paper they MUST be enforceable!!<br /><br />Watch the videos to learn more about your rights and you can read them all on the UN's official UDHR's webpage<br /><br />