Hotel_Christina_Bucharest <br /> <br /> <br /><br />What can a new 4-star hotel offer in Bucharest? Enormous high-tech spaces? Or maybe a classical décor, with rich ornamentation, starting from the not necessarily false idea that a 'classical' building is never old fashioned? In the case of the Christina Hotel the design solution does not fall under any of the mainstream types of recent years. <br />On top of the formal architectural rigour and interior detail, there are cheerfully powerful colours with a touch of pop art, while the façades, in shades of grey and sienna, dutifully match the colours of the street. <br />Its colours have become the hotel visual identity, warming the materials (tiles, Corian, plexiglas, mdf, stainless steel, glass) and balancing the lead and neon white light. <br />The Christina is a project that we would class as coquettish; we have not intended an avant-garde concept to radically modify its function, but the use of contemporary material gives an advantage to achieve a quiet, spatially and chromatically balanced, comfortable space. <br />Double (twin) remote control bed with special mattresses, large LCD TV, electrical curtain, and fancy cosmetics (Bvlgari for men & Chopard for women) are just some of the features of the rooms.