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Do you like what you see here? The Horse Hero main website (see link above) has loads more videos, celebrity rider blogs and biog pages and lots of cool interactive features. You can make comments on the videos, blogs and forums and often the riders will reply to you! It's updated daily so you will never get bored as new content is always available!

We film with riders at home and at top competitions to get a rare glimpse into their lives, meet many of our ‘horse heroes’ and do some fascinating yard tours. We've got videos with Olympic riders, medal winners, and plenty of rising stars... Laura Bechtolsheimer, William Whitaker, Mark Todd, Ellen Whitaker, Carl Hester, Harry Meade, Louise Bell, Caroline Powell, Gemma Green, Vittoria Panizzon, Richard Davison, Tim Gredley, Kitty Boggis and Louisa Brassey plus many more.

You can take the learning right into the stable by downloading 'how to' videos onto your laptop, mobile or handhelds. Horse Hero has a fantastic selection of training videos and some riveting films of top riders competing at major events. There is also a wealth of biogs and entertaining blogs from equestrian personalities, with fun photos and words of wisdom. Some have video diaries too. Visit and enjoy!


Horse Hero
Make sure you visit the main Horse Hero website at There are masses more videos and the picture and sound quality is much better than on Daily Motion. :-)
6 years ago by Horse Hero
Horse Hero
Press the HQ button to watch all Horse Hero videos in high quality on Dailymotion, or visit the Horse Hero website for a more interactive viewing experience!
6 years ago by Horse Hero
I love our videos!!

Hey how did you get the background on your channel?
6 years ago by Juli

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