Hi i used to be called theskarloeyrailway on YouTube but at the beginning of 2011 the account was removed. <br /><br />now ive succesfully returned but this time to DailyMotion where i will be putting up remakes of the Tv Series and The Railway Series. though i will throw in other things now and then. <br /><br />P.S im also a big fan of Toby he's my no.1 faveourite Thomas character. <br /><br />News: if you enjoyed The Diseasel then you will enjoy Wrong Road which will be out today so keep an eye out! <br /><br />Current and Future projects: <br />TV Series Remakes <br />RWS Remakes <br />Twin Trouble magazine story remake <br />Annual story remakes<br /><br />this is my new DeviantArt account: http://petersamfan.deviantart.com/