Who's always on my case?
I am ONLY using videos i am allowed to use. They are all free and legal for me to use!...
So stop being on my case! I do know HOW to follow the law!
Hi all.
Just an update here in the cold january.
Just now i am figuring out how to work this Dailymotion. That includes friends and vid's.

Call me slow if you wish *HEHE*

Cant live without movies and music... And that's that. Looking forward to be here... ;o)


Jo, jeg mener uploadet. Skal lige vænne mig til de forskellige udtryk. *S*
6 years ago by Krigerskjalden
Mener du ikke uploadede kære Kriger?
6 years ago by Hopey'S
Hej, har endelig fået oprettet en profil herinde. Har da også fået downloaded et par videoer. *S*
6 years ago by Krigerskjalden

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