The American College of History and Legal Studies- Train to be a Leader. <br /><br />ACHLS is a revolutionary development in American higher education. It is a senior, or completion, college: it offers the junior and senior years, not the freshman and sophomore years. Its curriculum focuses exclusively on American history and legal history, with attention to U.S. history in the context of world history and to the history of important American legal subjects such as constitutional law and regulatory law. All of its professors teach by the discussion method -- not the lecture method: in every substantive class the professor leads a discussion among the students of the subject at hand (as done in the best law school teaching). <br /><br />ACHLS is your pathway to law school. <br /><br />Persons interested in obtaining information about ACHLS and/or in applying to enter its first class, which will matriculate in August, 2010, should contact Paula Colby-Clements. She can be reached by phone at (603) 204-3919, by email at colby@achls.org, or by mail at The American College of History and Legal Studies, 52 Stiles Road, Suite 200B, Salem, New Hampshire 03079.