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From the director of FRIENDS FOREVER <br />staring MEMBERS OF NO AGE, MIKA MIKO, LAVENDER DIAMOND, MINUTEMEN <br /><br />HIGH SCHOOL RECORD follows four awkward 17-year-olds as they struggle through their senior year. Like most high school students, they ride a continual wave of embarrassment: crappy after-school jobs, attempted sex in the science room, tinfoil shorts, guitar-strumming hippie teachers, and brushes with the law.  The only difference is that their moments of humiliation are all caught on tape — our gang of four are the subjects of a documentary shot by fellow classmates. <br /><br />"Giving vivid life to a host of memorable characters who don’t easily fit into the <br />usual high school movie stereotypes... A time capsule unearthed." — VARIETY <br /><br />official selection of <br />SUNDANCE, SXSW, NEW YORK UNDERGROUND, NASHVILLE, WISCONSIN, <br />film festivals <br /><br />click here to buy the film today on: <br />AMAZON.COM <br /> <br /><br />THRILL JOCKEY RECORDS <br /> <br />