Hi Everyone.<br /><br />I'm a danish boy, 14 years old and a let's player on Youtube and Dailymotion.<br />I use a lot of my time playing various video games and hanging out with friends.<br /><br />To clear some things up first.<br /><br />Q. How do you record your PS3?<br />A. Dazzle DVC 100<br /><br />Q. Sub4Sub/Box4Box?<br />A. No way<br /><br />Q. Go watch my video?<br />A. I'll not look at your dailymotion channel by request.<br /><br />Q. Can you do a LP of this?<br />A. Well, if the game interest me and if i want to replay the game, then sure, but only recommend in PM's, so i have much more control over your request.<br /><br />You can contact me on Dailymotion or other things like Skype.<br /><br />Skype: Viggo48<br />PSN: Hideidaran<br />Steam: Hideidaran