David Amsallem

HeyBubble provides customer service tools and widgets for websites. Allowing for a painless customer service option that cuts communication between company and customer down to a matter of minutes. Live Chat allows for users to chat right away with companies, and takes the hassle of phone wait times out of the equation.<br /><br />With HeyBubble you can track your visitors in real time and engage them to chat, providing excellent customer service, allowing customers to ask questions, and voice concerns before making a purchase on your website.<br />HeyBubble offers a beautiful non-intrusive chat that is embedded in the bottom corner of your companies webpage, that creates a portal to allow communication between your customer and yourself. <br />HeyBubble has many great features to help you reach your customers such as real time information, statistics, chat transcripts, and more all in one web based application.<br /><br />HeyBubble is helping to revolutionize the online customer service experience.