Harry Dix

Favorite game character/franchise: I have always been a huge fan of the super mario series especially those in 2D. <br /><br />Favorite wrestler: When i was growing up The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase was always an excellent character and made for a great heel. <br /><br />Favorite video game hardware developers: Nintendo and Sega (when the company was still making consoles) have always been great innovators and more importantly helped the video game industry evolve into something quite major in terms of mainstream appeal, in my opinion they are both equally great, Competition is a good thing. <br /><br />Favorite Mortal Kombat character and character attire: Overall I have always enjoyed the character of Shang Tsung ever since the very beginning, he has played a pivotal role being a main antagonist throughout the series. No matter what medium the franchise has entered the character has been used correctly. Shang Tsung's overall look from Mortal Kombat II is the best in my opinion. <br /><br />Favorite match type: I always enjoyed the Battle Royal and to go along with that my favorite WWF Pay Per View would have to be the Royal Rumble. <br /><br />Favorite musical instrument: For me the Saxophone has always been a pleasant and seductive sounding instrument.